Corporate gifts

CUPCASE is a manufacturer of cup clothes and we know that the best present is a cup in our signature clothing. Therefore, we created a separate direction for corporate gifts.

Our cups as a gift enhance the corporate spirit of the company and energize for achievements.

For each company we have pleasant discounts
From 20pcs - 5% discount From 100pcs to 500pcs - 10% discount
From 50pcs - 7% discount

From 500pcs to 1000pcs - 15% discount

Corporate Work Stages
The idea

Design coordination, prototype rendering (schematically)

Up to 5 days


Selection of the best materials, the embodiment of ideas

From 3 weeks, depending on the volume and complexity of the product

Complete readiness!

Incredible joy and delivery of finished products

Delivery up to 2 days

Our projects

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